SCCM: All Domain Controllers Collection

There are many ways to create a collection containing all domain controllers. Here are some examples:

By a role of a computer:

By the primary AD DS group:

By AD DS group name:

I personally prefer the first version, by a role of a computer. You can download a MOF-file for this collection here. Just import it as described in How to Create Collections in Configuration Manager article and new “All Domain Controllers” collection will appear in your SCCM console.

4 thoughts on “SCCM: All Domain Controllers Collection”

  1. I’d suggest doing it by either method 2 or 3. Method 1 requires the client to be installed and Hardware Inventory to run, where 2 and 3 only require AD System Discovery. If you use Method 1, you will have to wait for hardware inventory to be reported and the collection to update again before a new client on a domain controller ends up in the collection. With methods 2/3, the resource would be added to the collection using the discovery information which is likely to be there before the client is even installed.

    1. Hi Nash,
      Thank you for the clarification. When I was writing this item, my thoughts at the moment were all about software installation to DCs, which implies the installed client.
      I do agree that the two latter methods are more lightweight and almost always deliver results faster. On the other side, they require from a Site Server to be able to connect to that Active Directory forest where the DC in question resides, which might be impossible in a separated infrastructure with multiple AD DS forests.

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