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Function to test a date against different conditions

Several weeks ago, my friend Rich Mawdsley asked our Windows Admins Slack team, how to tell if today is the second Tuesday in the month? As we found out, there is no built-in way in PowerShell to determine that. That’s why I present you today a function built specifically to test dates against different conditions. The function can tell you:

  • If the date is a certain weekday in a month. 4th Monday, Second Thursday, last Sunday etc.
  • If the date belongs to a certain quarter of a year.
  • If the date is a start or an end of a quarter.
  • If the date is the last day of a month etc.

Mind, that the output is boolean: the function will not tell you much about the date object, but only does it meet conditions or does it not. It returns $true if the date meets the conditions and $false in all other cases.

Here’s the code of the function, and, of course, you can always find the latest version at my GitHub:

The function covered with tests (you can see the results here), but not completely — I shall certainly improve this in the future. And yes, those tests have already helped me to fix several bugs before the official release 😉

BTW, If you haven’t written tests for your PowerShell code, I found this Introduction to testing with Pester by Jakub Jares very useful — you will start writing tests in Pester before the end of the lecture.

Google Glazier

WOW, Google has just released a tool to automate the installation of the Microsoft Windows. The tool is written in Python and is called Glazier. OS images are built using text-based YAML config files which are easy to store in a source control system — in that case you can easily review change history and comments, rollback, compare etc.

All data are transferred via HTTPS, which enables you to deliver them anywhere, utilize CDN caches etc.

The tool is distributed by Apache 2.0 license, pull requests are welcome.

Blogs to follow

Today I want to share with you a list of blogs which I personally read and follow. Almost all of them are maintained by recognized individual IT professionals, many of them hold Microsoft MVP and similar awards.
I highly recommend you to add these blogs into your RSS/news-reader.

Of course I read a significant part of the TechNet/MSDN fleet too, but you, for sure, already know all the important ones, so I’ll leave them out for now.

If you have similar lists — share them with us in the comments.