NBCC has calculated that there is not sufficient free space in the directory


When you are trying to check NetBackup 6 or 7 catalog with NBCC (NetBackup Catalog Consistency Check) utility at Windows, you get an error: «The filesystem for the outputnbccserver.fqdn.name_NBCC_DATE_TIME directory either doesn’t have 1024000 KB of space available. Evaluate the space available and the potential space requirements needed by NBCC to perform the consistency checks and look at the potential usage of the -kbfree command line switch.»


When NBCC checks for free space at a disc, it parses output of DIR command. It looks for the last string at the output which looks like “123,456,789 bytes free”. If you are NOT using a comma (,) as a digit grouping symbol or if you are running NON-ENGLISH version of Windows, NBCC can’t check for free space.


If you are using english version of Windows, just go to «Regional and Language Options» and set «Standards and formats» to the «English (United States)». You can revert it back after NBCC will done.
If you are using non-english version of Windows, run the “nbcc -kbfree 0” command to skip disk free space check.


You can use the same method to avoiding «NBCC aborts with error “Can’t use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference” on a non-English Windows master server» instead of ridiculous Symantec’s methods.

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